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Welcome to one of New Zealand’s most highly respected, privately-owned, property development companies. Our passion is creating enduring and vibrant developments that everyone involved in can be proud of. Our projects reflect our ambition to deliver great places to live and work.

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Click here to see further information on the developments McConnell Property is currently working on.




Click here to see further information on the developments McConnell Property is currently working on.



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Established in 1997, McConnell Property is owned by the McConnell family.

Since 1997 McConnell Property has established itself as one of New Zealand's leading and respected developers. We are well known for forging rewarding and lasting partnerships. From project inception to managing all aspects of physical delivery, our brand is synonymous with strong leadership and quality outcomes. So too is the refreshing open and inclusive way we work. We are proud to have built a reputation around a ‘no surprises’ approach. In all our partnerships we operate from a place of shared understanding on all the crucial factors – vision, deliverables, risks and rewards. A big part of what makes us different and influences our values is our family heritage


Being initiators is in our DNA.

The McConnell name is tantamount to the hard working, pioneering and innovative spirit of New Zealand. The late Malcom McConnell, father to David and John, Directors of McConnell Property, co-founded McConnell Dowell in 1960 and led the company’s expansion throughout New Zealand and overseas.
Likewise, Malcolm’s wife Beverly McConnell, created the renowned 5 hectare Ayrlies Garden and wetlands in Whitford, Auckland – a labour of love, and a stunning community asset.
We as property developers find our work led by the same simple passion. For us, like Beverly, a project’s success is based on how well people find ease, pleasure, and inspiration in their surroundings. This human value is the driving force behind McConnell Property creating great places for people to live and work.

Upfront, hard-working, and true to our word

=Successful property developments to us means more than profit. We are upfront about doing things right in every respect and strive to delivery the highest quality. We couldn’t be more invested into what we do as collaborators and initiators. We are honourable and take full regard of every consequence of decisions made at every level.


Well of course!

Today sustainability is the expected norm. We consider and measure the economic, social, cultural and environmental factors of every project as a whole. Apply designs that use less energy and produce less waste, always pushing the boundaries to achieve healthier, safer buildings that enhance the local culture and environment. We always aim to build places that people love – places that endure and become valuable in every sense of the term.

“Let our work together be that which our descendants will thank us for.”



Senior Management

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TREENA PATERSON Commercial Manager >

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DAVID MCCONNELL Managing Director >

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DAVID MCCONNELL Managing Director >

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TREENA PATERSON Commercial Manager >

Board Members

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Our safeguard. Your safeguard.

Governance isn’t just important to financiers, it’s important to everyone we partner with. Being a private independent company makes us driven, and in particular we make sure we have in place everything that ensures projects are in safe hands.
Our governance is a board, not just a structure. They are our trusted advisors who keep their eyes on the big picture view, separate from our day to day operations. In addition, all our projects operate within a Development Control Group which establishes management and reporting protocols. This enables each partner to meet and review strategic issues and receive regular reports on the progress and status of the development.
To ensure the best outcome, each of the key disciplines is headed by an experienced team member, with specialist responsibilities falling to consultants drawn from a global directory.
At any time, the team can also supported by the resources of the wider McConnell Group.



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